Project Description

PVCø16-ø2000 Pipe Production Line

Characteristics of the equipment

GF series plastic pipe extrusion line is mainly used in the area of agricultural water supply system, architectural water supply system, pavement of cables.. .etc. as well as PVC pipe material of all sorts of pipe caliber and wall thickness. This machine group consists mainly of twin conical (parallel) Screw extruder, vacuum calibration tank, haul-off unit, cutting unit, tilter.. etc. The Screw extruder and haul-off unit have applied imported A/C inverter; both vacuum pump and driving motor have applied excellent products. The drawing machine includes two-claw type, three-claw type, four-claw type, six-claw type, eight-claw type…etc..

Sawing cutting or planet cutting can be applied, it is additionally applied with length measuring meter and thickness increasing device, the property of machine group is reliable, the production efficiency is high. With special device, it can produce inner wall spiral pipe, inner wall hollow pipe, and core layer foam pipe…etc. it can also produce PP,PE,ABS.PPR,PEX, silicon core pipe and pipe of other material. The planetary cutting machine is fully automatic computer digital control; it has such advantages of simple operation, reliable property, etc. It has reached world advanced level.

PE/PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Pipe diameter SJZ65/132 SJZ80/156 SJZ92/188 SJZ110/220
main extruder 16-63 32-110 63-200 16-32 20-63 63-110 63-110 110-250 200-400 200-400 315-630 315-630 400-1000
Die head Double outlet Four outlet Single outlet Single outlet Four outlet Double outlet Single outlet Double outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet
Down-stream equipment SGF63 FGF63 GF110 GF200 FGF63 SGF63 GF110 SGF110 GF110 GF250 GF400 GF400 GF630 GF630 GF1000
Total power 91 85 85 86.5 91 85 85 136 103 114 131 212 220 270 500
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