Project Description

PE.EVA.EVOH .EVA.PE Pipe Production Line

Characteristics of the equipment

On the basis of many years design and production experience, we absorbed in the Europen advanced technlogy of pipe industry, and have developed this integrated multifunctional co-extrusion production line. This complete line from extruder to the down-stream line, from the raw material to the finished product, every steps is automation.

The compound co-extrusion standard series from Ф 10 to Ф 630. The spiral distribution type or basket distribution type spindle assure enough flow space and time for the melt material with a low temperature, which will assure the finished pipe with smaller innerstress and smooth surface. The flexibile design is suitable for PP ,PE ,PP-R,EVOH,PA. ABS, various kinds of polyolefin material for co- extrusion two layers, three layers, four ayers and five layers.

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