Project Description

PVC ø16-ø32 Four Outlet Pipe Production Line

Characteristics of the equipment

Mainly applying in water-supply pipe, drainage pipe, electrical threading pipe and other area. This extrusion line, equipped with high-efficient & energy-saving twin conical screws extruder, produces PVC pipes four outlet at once by specially designed die mould. Which means high-efficient energy-saving, increasing extrusion speed, economical occupied saving, and low human cost. The non-scrap cutting unit controlled by inverter independently arrangeable cutting speed, compacted by half to ensure long service life and flat and smooth cutting surface without dust trouble. special designed automatic controlled system with good features of easy operation, the whole line linkage, failure alarms, high-efficient control and stable extrusion.


PE/PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Pipe diameter SJZ65/132 SJZ80/156 SJZ92/188 SJZ110/220
main extruder 16-63 32-110 63-200 16-32 20-63 63-110 63-110 110-250 200-400 200-400 315-630 315-630 400-1000
Die head Double outlet Four outlet Single outlet Single outlet Four outlet Double outlet Single outlet Double outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet Single outlet
Down-stream equipment SGF63 FGF63 GF110 GF200 FGF63 SGF63 GF110 SGF110 GF110 GF250 GF400 GF400 GF630 GF630 GF1000
Total power 91 85 85 86.5 91 85 85 136 103 114 131 212 220 270 500
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