Project Description

PVC Plastic Wood Door Panel Extruding Production Line

Characteristics of the equipment

The company successfully developed the PVC wood-plastic foam plate production line. The product made by this line collects the advantages of wood and plastic. It not only has appearance of natureal wood, it but also overcomes shortcoming of wood, it has good processing peformance which is similar to wood, it can be sawed and nailed. It can be finished with woodworker tools. Its fixed force is clearly stronger than normal wood material. It has physical characteristics, such as resistantance to compression, resistance to impact and others which are similar to hard wood, And its durable function is clearly better than normal wood. Wood-plastics material and its products can be resistance strong acid and alkali, water proof, corrosion resistance, besides, germ can not breed on it. It is not moth-eaten. It can be aging resistance, static electricity resistance.

The product made by this machine group can also be used in making building template, toy building blocks use the board, tray, ackage box, sleeper, outdoor floor, railings, garden chair and other outdoor facilities, indicating plate, circulating box, roof beam and others.


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