Project Description

PVC、PP、PE Full Auto-belling Machine

Characteristics of the equipment

With our technical superiority and advanced technology drawing from abroad, we have designed and developed JHLK250、JHLK630 full auto-belling machine in accordance with market demand. They have merits of aesthetic appearance, reasonable structure, advanced technology and easy operation.

Matching with expanding die tooling of each specification and relevant pipe production lines ,JHLK250 、 JHLK630 full auto-belling machine can automatically finished the course of production on all specification ofφ75~φ630 pipe belling.

Belling center height of machine 1100~1200mm 900~1200mm
Diameter range of pipe φ200~630mm φ75~250mm
Max.Length of pipe 8000mm 8000mm
Dimension of belling machine 8466×2901×2499mm 7656×1410×1900mm
Distance of moving 900mm 600mm
Total power of bellinng machine 50KW 32KW
Max.Outside heating power of heating furnace 16.8KW 15KW
Max.Inner heating power of heating furnace 5KW 3KW
Working pressure of hydraulic system 1.5~5.5Mpa 1.5~3.5Mpa
Max.Air pressure of bellinng machine 0.7Mpa 0.6Mpa
Weight of bellinng machine 700Kg 2800Kg
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