Project Description

PVC,PE,PP Wood-plastic Profile Extrusion Line

Characteristics of the equipment

Wood-Plastic profile extrusion lines adopt special design screw & barrel, die head and processing technique for wood-plastic products. Series products including: One step wood-plastic thick plate equipment; One step wood-plastic profile equipment; One step wood- plastic decorative material equipment; Wood-plastic granulation equipment; all sorts of wood-plastic die head.

Used two extruders extrusion directly, also can granulation and then with two stage approach extrusion, power saving and space efficient, high output and steady going extrusion pressure, preheating filling machine fixed on top of main extruder, extract most of water remaining in wood powder to make the feeding stage of extruder more solidify, plasticization and mixing performs very well. Optimized screw design allows a small clearance to make wood fiber not easy to shear and to ensure melting material residence well-distribute. Screw & barrel made with bimetallic and nitride to ensure wear resistant and corrosion resistance of equipment, so as to prolong service life.

This line applied to Wood-Plastic profiled products for PE, PP. and PVC, mainly apply to pallet, packaging plate, floor, and out door decorating materials, widely application. Wood powder and plant fiber addition volume very high (Max. Can be reached to 50-75%J, equipment with high flexibility to processing material such as PP, PE, ABS, PS at one time.


Extruder Model SJZ55/110M SJZ65/132M SJZ80/156M SJZ92/188M
Main motor
22 37 55 110
Equipment Model
YF240S YF240A YF300A YF600 YF900 YF1200
Product width(mm) Max240 Max240 Max300 Max600 Max900 Max1200
Vacuum pump(kw) 2×5.5 4×5.5 4×5.5 4×5.5
Water pump(kw) 1.5 4 4 4 7.5 7.5
Haul-off speed 0-5 0-5 0-5 0-3 0-2.5 0-2.5
Equipment power
22 35 35 44 52 62
Output (kg/h) 90 220 220 320 650 650
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